What will the heating season 2022-2023 look like?
Charcoal sketch 2021-2022

Date of creation:

Dimensions (cm):

Coal and wood ash from the central heating stove of my home, from the heating period 2021-2022 - sample protected with resin.

The idea for this work was born during the activities accompanying the cleaning of the central heating stove in my home.

Every day, our family has hot water thanks to the combustion of natural gas, in winter, on less cold days, we also heat the house with this medium.

Recently, we have been able to heat up ourselves with electricity, quite economically. When we experience greater frosts, we burn with wood or coal -sic!
Diversification of heat sources at home and in the yard.
What awaits ours? Do we cut off the branch we’re sitting on? Do everyone have a choice or can everyone afford fossil fuel alternatives? Are “ecological” energy sources a real rescue, is it possible?
On reflection, “Sketch at coal 2021-2022” also corresponds to the war in Ukraine – Only this one? – shirt closer to the body.

What sketch will be created this season … will it be created?
Maybe only the wind will blow …
Although the mushroom season is behind us, they still haunt the largest, hard-to-digest, most poisonous toadstool.

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