"On March 15, 2017 at the Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Fine Arts in Riga, Latvia, a vernissage of the exhibition DESCRIPTION IN A RUSH / ZĪMĒJUMI STEIGĀA was held.

One of my works, IN A RUSH, took part in this exhibition.

Text accompanying this event (a scrap).

(...) The exhibition DESCRIPTION IN A RUSH in its assumption describes the state of rush in which most of us find ourselves and our feelings, reflections related to our perception of the intensity and speed of changes. (...) The description is inherently based on the imagination and imperfection of memory, the need to identify and capture characteristic points. Will the image be sketched quickly and chaotically, will it be a fragmented portrait or will it be a proof of internal consolidation and power?

curators: prof. Przemek Pintal, prof. Bogna Kozera-Radomska arrangement of the exhibition, co-curators and project assistants: Agnieszka Jarząb, Daniela Tagowska, Maciej Bączyk, Piotr Kmita

An extensive report from the exhibition at the ASP website in Wrocław