In factories supported by me, among highly advanced equipment and computers, people produce more HIGH-TECH’s, which they will later buy in "not for idiots" shops. The rapid development of global civilization means that some of us do not live necessery as they would like to. They do not keep up with the world. They wander aimlessly. Yet the last few years, it's a centrifuge, I used to be unable to understand my grandmother - how can she not take on computer skills? Currently, I am also getting lost in all those things that make life easier for us. When our company stops the distribution of the internet for a moment, the phone and door in our office are going crazy. No net, armageddon. Everything is stopped. Only I keep running, and my thoughts.

In the monotony of repetitive activities, I look for interesting shapes, forms, compositions.

The common denominator of the above paragraphs, although it can not be seen, is the cable. The wires entwine us with a thickening spiderweb. These twisted-pair cables are symbols of development, without this there is no data transmission, no electricity. Cables like insects, are in innumerable varieties and species, some we see every day, we can recognize them, other invisible entwine space with a network of connections. Lots of interesting specimens writhe in their shafts.Like ants, they mark the path, they create cable routes. To see them, just pick up the stone, decayedroot, open the server room to get to the roof. The series of works - Installer's Love - is the result of experience and observation in the current professional work. It is a reaction, an attempt to familiarize myself with the world that is not fully understood and accepted by me. Whether I like it or not, I am a part of it. Realizing that I am unable to influence it in a significant way. I try not to fight him, but to make him more bearable, to notice interesting compositions. I make friends, to tame the enemy. I find beauty in the microcosms of packaging, waste, rubbish.

In this has its source installer’s love.